Fort York is committed to providing access for visitors to as many areas of the site as possible. All walkways within the 7-acre walled site are asphalt surfaced and are wheelchair accessible. Some exhibits require walking up or down stairs. The Stone Magazine and the Brick Magazine are not wheelchair accessible. The pathway in the Strachan Ave. cemetary is a packed gravel surface and of limited use for wheelchairs while access to the restored fortification features such as walls, ditches, and dry moats are not wheelchair accessible.

We will provide portable ramps for any edges that need to be negotiated through doorways and assist special needs guests with ramp placement. In cases where a guest can not access a space, we will provide an interpretive overview upon request (person to person).

Guide dogs and hearing dogs are welcome. Seating can be found in a number of exhibits, outside many of the structures, and in the picnic table area. All washrooms are special needs accessible. Public access washrooms are located in the Visitor Centre, South Soldiers' Barracks, the lower floor of the Blue Barracks. The Blue Barracks washroom is accessible via an elevator. Water fountains are located outside and only available seasonally.

Please call 416-392-6907 or email Fort York at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or specific accessibility questions.